At Notore we specialise in producing the improved fertilisers that farmers across the nation require to bump up their crop yields. Our CEO, Onajite Okoloko, has overseen the development of Notore’s fertiliser plant, where we cultivate the chemicals required to create these high-grade products.

Creating premium fertilisers

Our improved fertilisers are of the highest quality, tailored to suit Nigeria’s unique growing conditions, to ensure our farmers can supply dinner tables across the land. Also through our Village Promoter Program, we give our farmers the knowledge they require to demonstrate to their local colleagues how these products should be leveraged. Furthermore, we make it possible for these Village Promoters to sell these fertilisers in their communities at reasonable prices, to ensure everyone benefits.

Discussing this topic, Mr Okoloko commented: “We are focused on providing customers with the high-grade, bespoke fertilisers they need to overcome challenges including sub-standard soil quality and our tropical climate and produce generous harvests for crops such as rice and maize, ultimately bringing greater food security to the nation.”

Supplying crucial nutrients

Our improved fertilisers can deliver key benefits to Notore customers. We sell, for example, a specialised, bulk-blended NPK fertiliser, which contains nitrogen, phosphate and potassium. These nutrients are key in the crop development process – for example potassium is known to make plants more resistant to droughts, allowing them to thrive in hot climates such as ours.

We also sell a premium quality granular urea fertiliser, which possesses a formaldehyde coating making it suitable for our tropical climate, as it dissolves gradually. Urea spurs crop growth by releasing nitrogen from soil, allowing it to become a widely-used fertiliser across the globe, particularly for cereal production. We develop urea by sparking a reaction between ammonia and carbon dioxide at temperatures of between 132°C to 182°C – just one of the tasks which we carry out at our specialised plants.

Developing quality products

At Notore’s plant we produce the nutrients needed for NPK fertilisers. We also create 1,000 metric tonnes of ammonia per day at these facilities, allowing us to cultivate our urea fertilisers on a scale broad enough to sell these products en masse at an extremely reasonable rate for our customers.

We have established robust fertiliser chemical production operations at the industrial complex throughout the lifespan of the business. One of our major milestones, was when we commenced ammonia production back in January 2009, broadening these operations extensively in the intervening years, to record the high ammonia cultivation rates that we maintain today. We have also brought major corporate partners onboard, to ensure that we can supply premium fertilisers.

Forming valuable partnerships

We set up our first plant in 2005, and we developed it to the point where the site gained the capacity to create 500,000 metric tonnes of urea per annum. Efficiency and productivity increased when we signed an agreement with Tata Chemicals – a prominent Indian-based urea production specialist, in 2011. We were already surpassing our urea production targets – we exceeded our goal by 35% in the first quarter of 2011 alone, and with Tata Chemicals on our side, we increased capacity substantially.

Another advantageous partnership came in 2012, when we embarked on a joint development agreement with the globally-renowned Mitsubishi Corporation. Our aim is to build a second plant, and increase our production of key fertiliser ingredients, most notably ammonia and urea. We also hope to raise our cultivation of the other various petrochemicals we use to create these products to 1,500 metric tonnes per day.

Taking our operations further

Commenting on the development of Notore’s fertiliser plants, Mr Okoloko continued: “We are constantly seeking new ways to increase our petrochemicals production capacity at our plants, so we can sell fertilisers at the affordable prices our customers require to boost their crop yields, while keeping overheads low. By forming partnerships with the likes of the Mitsubishi Corporation, we have enhanced our offerings to farmers across Nigeria, enabling them to deliver stable food supplies.”

Spotlight on Notore’s fertiliser plants
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