It is critical that our people are afforded the means to follow healthy diets, so they can benefit from a high quality of life. Our CEO, Onajite Okoloko, takes some time to speak out on Notore’s efforts to champion good nutrition in Nigeria, so we can ensure our nation’s citizens can live long, happy lives.

Explaining nutrition’s importance

Agriculture is an important sector in our country. It allows farmers to produce staple food such as rice, maize and cassava, which our people need to maintain nutritious diets. Among other things a good diet is known to raise energy levels and increase heart health. Also, farming accounts for the majority of peoples’ livelihoods in Nigeria, so it supplies families with the money they require to put healthy food – which is often more expensive than fast food, on the dinner table.

Mr Okoloko says: “We have a customer-centric business model at Notore, so we put the people we rely upon to succeed first. We realise that the population of Nigeria needs easy access to nutritious items to promote wellbeing, so we seek to supply farmers with the products they need to achieve this aim. In a nation where malnutrition is a growing problem, efforts such as those spearheaded by us are more vital than ever, so we will continue to champion good nutrition.”

Discussing impact of malnutrition

The impacts of malnutrition are many and varied, which is why we are so devoted to tackling this issue. According to Live Strong, a wellness blog, if someone lacks access to effective nutrition, it can damage their health in many ways. It can, for example, lead to abnormal reductions in their body mass, curtailing their body’s ability to sustain itself. Malnutrition can also weaken the body’s immune system, restricting its chances of fighting off serious diseases and can also lead to organ failure.

Malnutrition can also impede our efforts to give the next generation the best start. One way we have promoted good nutrition in Nigeria, is to make the public aware of these issues via our advertising campaigns. We have spread awareness that heart disease has been connected to poor nutrition during pregnancy. We have also informed people that worldwide, a malnourished child dies every seven seconds, and a lack of nutrition causes brain deficiencies, emphasising the critical nature of our work.

Covering malnutrition in Nigeria

We need to be aware of the impact of malnutrition in Nigeria, as it is becoming an increasingly pressing problem in our country. News portal This Day Live reports that according to UNICEF figures, 2.5 million children in this country are currently impacted by malnutrition, one of the highest rates on earth. The agency called for both the government and other stakeholders to address this issue going forward.

This call is increasingly being answered across all levels of government. At the start of 2017, for instance, seven of Nigeria’s states, which account for 75% of malnourished children in this country, pledged to devote enough funds to save 1.59 million malnourished children and mothers. The federal authorities have recognised that food shortages are significant factor, so they are now stabilising food supplies by making Nigeria a self-sufficient producer of nutrient-rich crops such as rice and tomatoes.

Confronting the issue head on

We understand that the federal government alone cannot give us the agricultural self-sufficiency we require to promote good nutrition, so we have provided assistance. We sell our customers improved seeds for crops such as rice, which enable more effective nutrition in two ways. The crops themselves promote good nutrition – for example rice is low in cholesterol, so it can help keep obesity in check. These items are also designed to boost crop yields, bringing about food security to resolve this issue.

We should point out that by increasing a farmer’s harvests, our improved seeds can supply them with the steady income they need to put healthy food on their dinner tables. These products can have a powerful impact on the lives of our customers, as seen by the case of farmer Isa Bubba. After coming to Notore for support, Isa saw his income increase by 130%, allowing the farmer to raise his family’s standard of living and benefit from good nutrition.

Championing good nutrition

Speaking further, Mr Okoloko commented: “We do our best to bring good nutrition to every person in this country, through whatever means possible. Notore both sells the products our farmers need to ensure that families nationwide have access to stable healthy food supplies, and promotes the value of nutrition, to underscore the importance of maintaining a well-balanced diet. Our team will keep working towards these goals in the future, so people across Nigeria can lead fulfilling lives.”

Onajite Okoloko speaks on Notore’s efforts to champion good nutrition in Nigeria

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